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Squawk for the Flock
NEPA Cage Bird Club

REMINDER:  Only clipped or leashed,and healthy birds are allowed at the meetings


 Put your thinking caps on, we need to come up with some fresh topics for the coming year.
Emailing the newsletters has been a great success.  We have cut
our monthly printing and postage costs in half. If any members have email that we do not know about, please inform us so we can get you added to the list.

Membership renewal is in January
We have waived our annual dues.  We decided to do this because we have cut costs on the newsletter to such a low point that the club can now absorb the costs of mailing.
If you would like to join, please contact any officer or member.
Please make sure all contact information on file is correct:  address, phone and email.

Thank You

Betty D. for taking over the Rare Bird Column for the Newsletter
Donna A. for continuing with Publicity
Linda R. for taking over the Recipe column for the newsletter

Refreshments:   March-Linda R.  April-Diana D.