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Current Topic
NEPA Cage Bird Club

This month we will be discussing behavior and how to change it with positive reinforcement.
If you have painting on your chore this for the spring here is the info on what the big breeders use.
ICI Lifemaster 2000 available at ICI Paints on Mundy St. , Wilkes-Barre
Lifemaster 2000 is a non Voc paint, which means it has no smell.  Cost is $24.00 a gallon for satin finish, about the same as Behr or other good brands.  It can be tinted any color and also comes in 5 gallon cans.  Paint goes on nicely and coverage is good.  The gentlemen told me that they are starting to sell alot of it for painting in nursing homes, hospitals and in homes where people have trouble breathing.

General Body & Vocal Behaviors

Loads of information